How To Switch From Using Spreadsheets To Online Ordering Using Wholesale Order Form

Spreadsheets orders forms are a common way of any wholesale store. And spreadsheets order templates indeed helps us to make orders quickly and share them with you in minutes. But nowadays people have a smarter solution to this common way.

Basically, I will be talking about a custom way of ordering wholesale products. It will help your customers to review your inventory, order in bulk, and get orders as fast as possible.

So, let’s see how you can create a custom wholesale order system instead of a common spreadsheet ordering system. But first, we will see why we use a custom order system over a spreadsheet form.

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How to create a wholesale order form for your WordPress WooCommerce store

Spreadsheets are a great tool among wholesale stores because you can easily create documents that fit your business’ needs. Once you have approved a new wholesale customer, you can send them your store template so they can submit orders whenever they want.

excel order form

But with the spreadsheet ordering form, your customers can face lots of issues. Such as, to make an order, customers need to either review your store or have access to a full list of your inventory.

Once customers submit an order, you need to check if your inventory can cover it and submit an invoice.

But with a custom wholesale order form, you can simplify that process.

How to create a wholesale order form for your WordPress WooCommerce store

You are a WordPress user, so you are familiar with plugins. Plugins help us to add different functionality to our WordPress website.

In this case, we need a plugin called Wholesale Order Form, which helps us to create a custom order form for your wholesale business. The Wholesale Order Form plugin is a part of the Wholesale Suite plugin. You can normally buy the Wholesale Order Form plugin or buy the Wholesale Suite plugin which is a bundle of three useful plugins along with the Wholesale Order Form.

Step – 1. Configure the Wholesale Order Form plugin

Before you start, make sure you already purchased the plugin and install and activate the plugin.

Once you have done, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Ordering.

wholesale ordering settings

Here you need to choose what type of order form you want. By default, the plugin will display your entire inventory in a paginated fashion, with each item in its row.

In the Standard option, it will show an add to cart button next to each item. And in the Alternate option, adds a single button to the bottom of each page, so customers can select multiple items, then place them into their shopping cart in one simple click.

In my opinion, the Standard option is more user-friendly and easy to use.

Next, the plugin will ask you to choose what type of pagination you want to use for your store.

There are two options to choose from, one is Paginated and another is Lazy loading.

The Paginated option requires users to move from page to page to browse your inventory and the Lazy loading option loads your entire inventory on a single page as users scroll down.

paging style variations

Next, you need to choose how many products can be loaded per page if Paginated or the number of products fetched at a time during scrolling when Lazy loading. Finally, there’s an option that enables you to show variations alongside each item in your product listings.

If your store has a lot of product variations, I will highly recommend you to enable the Show Variations Individually option. It helps your users by adding products to their cart.

Step – 2. Check your wholesale order form

It’s time to check your wholesale order form. By default, the plugin will create a separate page for your wholesale order page.

To see that page, go to Pages > Wholesale Ordering and check out what its URL is.

wholesale ordering page

And your new wholesale ordering page looks like this:

wholesale order form

With this type of wholesale product ordering page, you users can easily add items to their cart. Once a customer’s cart is ready, they can proceed to the checkout as usual.

Now you know how custom wholesale ordering form is simple and smart than excel form. Now your wholesale customers will be able to review your existing inventory and place wholesale orders in just a few steps.

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That’s it in this article. I hope you like it. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. And for any query, comment in the comment section below.

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