How To Connect WPForms And Sendinblue In WordPress

Do you want to create an email list for email marketing? Then adding your users to your Sendinblue lists through your WordPress forms is a great idea.

And with WPForms’s Sendinblue addon, you can easily connect Sendinblue to your WPForms. And after doing it, you are able to subscribe, unsubscribe, or delete users in your Sendinblue account each time a user submits your form.

That’s why in this tutorial, I will show you how you can connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress.

Connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

Before I start, make sure you have already installed WPForms on your WordPress website.

If you don’t, read one of my articles about creating a contact form in WordPress.

WPForms also offers a free version, but with that, you can’t use Sendinblue in your form. And to use it you need to buy their plus or higher plan. So click the link below to buy WPForms and get the maximum discount possible.

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Step – 1. Installing the Sendinblue addon

Once you have installed and activated the WPForms plugin on your WordPress website, the next step we are going to do is to install the Sendinblue addon.

If you don’t know how to install WPForms’s addons, please read this article about the installation of an addon.

Step – 2. Connect Sendinblue to WPForms

After installing the addon, we need to connect your Sendinblue account with WPFoms.

To do this, go to WPForms > Settings and click on the Integrations tab.

Then, click on the Sendinblue option to expand its settings. From there, go ahead and click the Add New Account button to enter your account information.

Add new sendinblue account in WPForms

This will open up two fields where you’ll need to add your Sendinblue account API key, as well as a nickname for the account.

Connection fields with sendinblue in WPForms

To get your API key, log in to your Sendinblue account (if you don’t have an account consider signing up first) and click on the SMTP & API option which is located on the top right corner of the page.

Sendinblue API and SMTP option

Here you can view your API key. Simply copy that key.

Sendinblue API key

Now go back to your WPForms-Sendinblue setting and paste the API key into the field labeled Sendinblue API Key. Next, enter a nickname to the Sendinblue Account Nickname field.

API setting for Sendinblue in WPForms

After finishing it, go ahead and click the Connect to Sendinblue button. Now WPForms and Sendinblue are connected. It will also you a green Connected status next to your Sendinblue integration.

Account connected with sendinblue

Step – 3. Integrate Sendinblue to your form

If you already created your form using WPForms, then simply edit your form and if you have not, create your form.

On the form builder, go to Marketing > Sendinblue. Then, in the Sendinblue tab, click on the Add New Connection button.

After clicking on it, it will open a popup where you need to enter a nickname for this connection.

Add a Connection enter Nickname

If you have linked multiple Sendinblue accounts with WPForms, choose one of them from the dropdown. Then, under Action to Perform, select the action you’d like to happen when users submit your form. For our example, we’ll select Subscribe to add users to our Sendinblue contacts.

Sendinblue configuration settings in WPForms

After you have selected your action to perform, more options will open up. 

Configure subscribe settings for sendinblue in WPForms

Email: It is a required field. Select the WPForms field that will contain the subscriber’s email address.

New Email: Select the WPForms field that would contain the new email address of the subscriber. This field is only necessary when updating an existing contact in Sendinblue, so for our example, you can leave this field blank.

List: Just like Email, it is also a required field. Select the Sendinblue list that you’d like the subscriber to be added to.

If you’d like, you can also map any custom fields you’ve added to your Sendinblue account under the Custom Field Name section.

Custom Sendinblue fields in WPForms

Once you have done configuring it, don’t forget to save all the settings.

Now you have successfully connected WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress and from now when your users fill your form they are also added to your Sendinblue’s list. It is a great start if you are building an email list for email marketing.

That’s it in this article if you like it, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. And for any query, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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