How To Create A ActiveCampaign Form That Skyrocket Your Sales

Email Marketing is so important these days. Every $1 spent on email marketing typically generates about $38 in ROI, it means how cost-effective is email marketing.

But it’s not easy to build an email list that Skyrocket your sales.

If you’re using WordPress and want to build an email list that increases your sales, then ActiveCampaign and WPForms is best for you.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can Create High-Converting ActiveCampaign Forms in WordPress to build your email list.

What is ActiveCampaign?

Nowadays, ActiveCampaign is a leading email marketing service that lets you build a relationship with your leads and customers.

ActiveCampaign is not just for email marketing. You can use it with a whole host of other things such as CRM systems, sales departments, and messaging.

ActiveCampaign Features (Max Plan):

  • Send Newsletters
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Automations Map
  • Built-in CRM
  • Sales Automation
  • Site Messages
  • Attribution
  • Conditional Content
  • Subscribe by SMS
  • API & Web Hooks²
  • Live Chat, Email, Phone Support
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Many More

ActiveCampaign has a 14-day free trial (No credit card required), after that, you need to buy their premium (starts 9/month) version.

What is WPForms? 

With 3million+ active installs, WPForms is the No.1 form building plugins for WordPress. It comes with a drag and drop form builder and 100+ pre-made templates.

WPForms Features (Max Plan):

  • Conversational Forms
  • Integrate PayPal, Stripe
  • Offline Forms
  • Login-Registration Form
  • Geolocation
  • Signatures
  • Many More

WPForms has two versions one is Free, and one is Premium.

Why use ActiveCampaign and WPforms together?

With the integration of ActiveCampaign in WPForms, you can record events, add notes to contacts, and more.

With WPForms’ smart conditional logic, you can build hyper-segmented email lists for maximum engagement and results.

If you Want to allow users to automatically subscribe to your list when they submit a contact form? All you need to do is add a subscription checkbox to your contact form with our smart conditional logic.

You can pick which tags to add or remove to contacts inside ActiveCampaign.

You can map form fields to different fields in ActiveCampaign, so you are in 100% control.

Also, you can use ActiveCampaign in all types of forms such as contact form, request a quote form, surveys and polls forms, etc.

How to create ActiveCampaign forms in WordPress

Follow the steps below to create an ActiveCamaing form on your WordPress website.

Step- 1. Install and active WPForms

You don’t create an ActiveCampaign form in WordPress with the free version of WPForms.
To do this, you need to buy WPForms’ Elite license. With the Elite license, you not only create an ActiveCampaign form, but you can also create many advanced forms.

So click the link below to buy WPForms Elite,

Multipage Forms, Condition Logic
Entry Management, Drag & Drop
PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, Mailchimp
Login, Registration, AWeber Form
Geolocation, Signatures, File Upload

After buying that login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, search for WPForms, click Install, and Active.

Now go to WPForms > Settings and enter your license key and click Connect.

Now you have successfully installed and activated WPForms.

Step- 2. Activate the ActivateCampaign addon

To activate the ActivateCampaign, go to WPForms > Addons and locate the ActivateCampaign addon, click Install Addon.

enable activecampaign addon

After the activation, you can see Status: Active.

active addon

Step- 3. Create your form

To create your form go to WPforms > Add New, enter the name of your form, and select Newsletter Signup Form.

WPForms Templates Dashboard

If you want, you can start from scratch by selecting the Blank Form. I assume that you select the Newsletter Signup Form.

After selecting the form, you’ll be redirected to the form’s settings page. Here you can Add Fields into your form, customize your form.

WPForms Newsletter Template

If you want to create a newsletter signup form, then you need to add the GDPR Agreement field into your form.

This form field helps you create GDPR compliant forms by giving your site visitors a way to agree to you storing their personal information and sending them marketing emails.

To add this, drag and drop the GDPR Agreement field from left to right. If you want to customize the GDPR Agreement field, click the field and make changes.

If you decide to add the GDPR Agreement field to your subscribe form, you’ll need to go to WPForms > Settings and enable the GDPR Enhancements checkbox.

GDPR enhancement options in WPForms

Once this box is enabled, you’ll see two additional options appear: Disable User Cookies and Disable User Details.

Disable User Cookies: By default, WPForms will assign a random number called UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). The UUID doesn’t collect any information from users and is stored in the user’s browser as a cookie.

The UUID cookie is required for the following features in WPForms:

  • Related Entries (these are displayed on individual entry pages, and link to other entries submitted by the same user)
  • Form Abandonment Addon

If you enable Disable User Cookies, these features will be disabled and no cookies will be used by WPForms.

Disable User Details: When users submitted a form, WPForms will automatically collect some additional details, such as

  • IP Address
  • User Agent

If you enable Disable User Details, none of these additional details will be collected and it applied for all of your forms.

If you want to disable it only on a specific form, then you need to disable this on your form settings.

To disable this for specific, you need to go to your form builder, Settings > General, and check the Disable storing user details (IP address and user agent) box and click SAVE.

In the end, don’t forget to SAVE this.

Connect your form to ActiveCampaign

To connect your form to ActiveCampaign, go to WPForms > Settings > Integrations.

Click ActiveCampaign and then Add New Account.

integrations tab in WPForms settings

After that, a list of fields should appear.

ActiveCampaign account details to WPForms

So let’s see how to complete each of these fields.

a. ActiveCampaign Account Name: It’s only for you, users can’t see this. So, enter any name.

b. ActiveCampaign API URL and Key: To find your API key login to ActiveCampaign.

Click on the Settings option (near the left sidebar).

activecampaign settings page

You can see an additional menu appear in the left sidebar. Within this menu, click Developer.

activecampaign settings devoloper page

Now you can see your URL and the Key, copy those and paste on the popup.

c. Event Tracking Account ID and Key: Event Tracking is completely optional.

With event tracking, you can track video views, button clicks, orders, logins, and in-app behaviors. And then follow up.

To use event tracking, click Tracking from the Settings menu of your ActiveCampaign account.

Turn on your tracking Status: On, and you’ll see an event key, copy that and paste on your form’s Event Tracking Account Id field.

activecampaign event tracking

Next, you’ll need to click the Event Tracking API link.

A popup will show up now. Next to the word actid, you’ll see some numbers.

event tracking-api in activecampaign

Copy only the numbers and paste on your form’s Event Tracking Key field.

Now to save the connection click Connect to ActiveCampaign.

connect activecampaign to wpforms

Once these fields are saved, you should see a green box that says Connected.

ActiveCampaign-account connected

Now you have successfully connected your ActiveCampaign form in WordPress using WPForms.

ActiveCampaign form set up

To set up your account go your form builder, Marketing > ActiveCampaign and click the Add New Connection button.


After clicking the button, a popup will appear. In the popup that appears, enter a name for this form and click OK. Only you can see this, your users can’t see this.

Add a name for connection

After naming the connection, additional settings will appear.

Select an account and choose an action

Select Account: Select one of your connected ActiveCampaign accounts.

Action to Perform: Select which action you want to take when a user fills out your form.

So select your action you want to perform. For more detail please visit ActiveCampaign addon with WPForms.

Add your form to your site

You can add this to any of your pages, posts, sidebars, also if you want you can use this form with your page builders (like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc.).

Let’s look at the common way to add your form into posts or pages.

To add your form into your page, go to Pages > Add New, put your page name, click Add Block option and search for WPForms, select WPForms widget and select your form and click publish.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully created your ActiveCampaign form.

That’s it in this article if you like this don’t forget to share and comment. Thanks for reading.

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