How To Create A Coupon Popup For WooCommerce WordPress (Easy Steps)

Showing your users that you are running a deal on your website is the biggest challenge nowadays. Sending emails or showing notice is not enough and your user may miss the notice. That’s why coupon popups come.

Coupon popups are a great way to show your coupons and deals to your customers. With coupon popups, your customers can easily know you are running a coupon deal on your website. And it is also an easy process to create a coupon popup.

In this article, I will show you how you can create a coupon popup for your WooCommerce store. So, let’s move on to it.

How to create a coupon popup for WooCommerce

To create a coupon popup for your WooCommerce store, you need a tool. There are lots of tools available which can help you to create your popup. But I will suggest you go with OptinMonster, which is the advanced and most popular popup form builder tool.

With OptinMonster, you can show your coupons on specific pages, to specific visitors, at specific times, and in specific locations.

Not only this, OptinMonster comes with more features like spin-to-win campaignsmulti-step popupcountdown timer popup, etc.

OptinMonster has 4 types of pricing plans, Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. Their Basic plans start from $9/month. Basically, the more you pay the more features you will get.

They also have a 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can try it once without any problem. If you don’t like it, you will get your money back, which is cool.

With all of their plans, you will get OptinMonster University ($1,997 value) and one campaign set up with their conversion experts ($297 value) for free.

OptinMonster University offers expert courses, guides, video training, and ebooks for free.

Once you have purchased OptinMonster, log in to your WordPress dashboard and install the OptinMonster plugin.

After doing that, connect the plugin with your OptinMonster account.

You are going to create a coupon popup, so it is important to create your coupon first. Here we are using the Advanced Coupon plugin which adds lots of features to WooCommerce’s built-in coupon functionality.

Advanced Coupon has two versions: Free and Paid. But with the paid version, you will get more advanced features. Their paid plan starts from $49/year, so if you want you can try it once.

So, install and activate the Advanced Coupon plugin on your WordPress WooCommerce website.

To create a coupon go to Coupons > Add New. Click on the Generate coupon code button and enter your coupon description.

add new coupon in advanced coupon

Remember the coupon code or note it somewhere, it will be needed in your popup. For now, scroll down and select the discount type of your coupon and also the amount.

percentage discount settings in advanced coupon

A 25% discount with no conditions can be dangerous for you, so make sure you never forget to set some coupon restrictions and or cart conditions.

To configure your coupon conditions, go to Coupon data > Usage restrictions tab. Here you can decide which products or item categories your discount coupon should apply to.

usage restriction settings in advanced coupon

If you are a premium user of the Advance Coupon plugin, then you will see another option called Cart Conditions which helps you to set up conditional logic.

cart conditions system in advanced coupon

So, decide what type of coupons you want to create and after creating your coupon, move forward to our next step where we will popup our coupon.

To start creating your popup, go to OptinMonster and select the Create New option under Popup.

create new popup in optinmonster plugin

OptinMonster has lots of pre-made templates, so choose one of those. It also saves you some time. And all the templates are fully customizable, so don’t need to worry about it. Not all of the templates are free, some of them are premium, so beware about that.

Here I choose the Coupon templates. But you can choose your template according to your needs. Choose any of that and click the Use Template button. The plugin will ask you to set a name for your popup for your own records.

choose template in optinmonster

After that, you will be redirected to the popup customization section, where you can fully customize your popup.

coupon popup default view in popup builder

Here you can edit your texts, able to add new blocks, able to add new images, etc.

Two fields which are the most important are email and confirmation button field.

First, we ask users to submit their email and after they successfully submit their email, we will show them our coupon code.

Once you have done customizing your popup, click on the Success tab. Here you need to enter your coupon code. After someone successfully subscribed, they will be redirected to this popup page, so carefully design your success view.

After doing that, save your changes. If you want to build an email list, then you need to connect OptinMonster with an email service provider like Constant Contact.

Now, we are going to configure display conditions for our popup.

In your popup form building dashboard, click on the Display Settings option. Here you can see an option that decides when to show the popup again for customers that close the offer without converting.

optinmonster coupon display settings

Make changes according to your needs. Once you have done, save your changes and publish your popup.

WooCommerce coupon popups are a great way to increase your sales and revenue. Not only that, but you can also build an email list that can help you to stay in touch with your customer in the future.

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