How To Create A WordPress Contact Form In 5 Minutes With WPForms

Do you want to create a WordPress contact form in just 5 minutes? Well, then you have come to the right place.

Here I will show you how you can create a WordPress contact form in WordPress in just 5 minutes using WPForms.

Yes, you heard right, WPForms. WPForms is the most popular and advanced form building plugin for WordPress.

The WPForms Challenge gives you a chance to try this for yourself and helps to guide you through the form creation process.

WPForms comes with two versions: Free and Paid. And the cool thing is if you just want to create a contact form, you don’t need to buy their paid plan.

But if you are a superuser and want advanced features like Multi-step form, Conditional Logic, Donation form, CRMs, Order Form, etc. then you need to buy their paid plan, which starts from $39/year.

Click the link below to buy WPForms and get the maximum discount possible:

Multipage Forms, Condition Logic
Entry Management, Drag & Drop
PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, Mailchimp
Login, Registration, AWeber Form
Geolocation, Signatures, File Upload

Before we start the WPForms challenge, make sure you already installed and activated WPForms on your WordPress website.

To install WPForms, login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and search for ‘WPForms’, then install and activate it.

If you are a paid user, then you need to follow one more step, which is to activate your paid license. Go to WPForms > Settings and paste your license key and click Connect.

WPForms license key section

So, let’s start the challenge.

Create a WordPress contact form using WPForms

To start the WPForms challenge, click on WPForms. As long as this is a new install, you will see a ‘WPForms Challenge’ in the lower right corner of your screen.

WPForms Challenge

You will see 5 steps to follow to create your contact form and all the steps will be done in just 5 minutes.

Start the WPForms Challenge

So, let’s see what you need to do in your first step. To start your challenge, simply click on the Start Challenge button and the timer will be started automatically.

Step- 1. Name Your Form

After you start the challenge, the form builder will open and you need to enter your Form Name.

Enter the name of your form in WPForms

For our example, we’ll name the form Contact Us.

After entering your form name, go ahead and click on the Done button.

Step- 2. Selecting a Template

In this step, you need to choose a template for your form. Here we are going to create a contact form, so, I choose the ‘Simple Contact Form’ template.

WPForms select Simple Contact Form templates

If you want to create your form from scratch, you can choose the ‘Blank Form’ template.

Step- 3. Add Fields to Your Form

You can easily add a new field to your form. Just drag and drop the field you want to add from left to right.

As we selected the Simple Contact Form template, it automatically added the Name, Email, and the Message field.

You can also delete those if you want. To delete any field, just hover over on the field you want to delete and click on the Delete Icon.

When you’re ready, click the Done button to move to the next step of the challenge.

Step- 4. Check Notifications

Email notifications help the user to know whether their form is submitted or not.

By default, WPForms will only send email notifications to the administrator of the site. But you can also send a confirmation email to the user who submitted your form.

I already created an article about email notifications in WPForms, read that article to learn more about that.

When you’re done checking out these settings, click the Done button.

Step- 5. Embed in a Page

It is the last step to follow for creating your contact form in WordPress in just 5 minutes.

You can embed your form on a new page or add the form to an existing page on your site. WPForms also offers unique shortcodes for every form you create, so you can use the process to embed your form.

Embed WPForms in a Page options

If you select ‘Create New Page’, you need to enter the name of your page.

Create a new page to add WPForms

Once you’ve added a name, click on the Let’s Go! button to embed your form and publish your page.

If you select ‘Select Existing Page’, you need to select a page you want to add your form to.

Embed WPForms in a Page

Then, click Let’s Go! to open up your page builder. In your page builder, add a new block called WPForms and select your form. It will automatically embed the form on your page.

Select a Form to Embed in your page

Once the form is in place, you can click the Done button and you’ve completed the challenge!

Completed WPForms Challenge

Now you have successfully created a contact form in just 5 minutes by WPForms Challenge in your WordPress website.

If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. And if you face any problem, ask in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this article, I hope you liked it, right?

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