How To Create Countdown Timer Popup For Black Friday 2021 To Generate Massive Sale

Do you want to generate more sales on this Black Friday, 2020? Do you want to collect more emails?

All of these happen if you add a Countdown Timer popup on your site. That’s why in this article, I’ll show you how you can create a countdown timer popup for your online store.

You think this is a WordPress tutorial, right? – Then you are wrong. Wherever you created your website, maybe it’s on WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc, you can easily add Countdown Timer popup on those platforms.

If you are thinking about your holiday promotion or want to start a flash sale, then it can also be very effective for you.

Here are the few examples of Countdown Timer:

examples of countdown timer popup

According to OptinMonster, Cracku, a company that helps students prepare for exams, increase their conversions by 300% by adding a simple countdown timer.

A small eCommerce company in the Netherlands created an A/B split test and found that adding a countdown timer increased conversions over campaigns with no timer (and their revenue also increased by 8.6%).

Email Countdown Timers have helped eCommerce stores increase their sales by 400% for Black Friday promotions.

What Is a Countdown Timer campaign?

A Countdown Timer campaign is an optin form that captures leads or generates sales. But the difference between Countdown Timer optin form vs a normal optin form is Countdown Timer optin form builds an urgency to buy something or do something.

Nowadays many business owners either it’s small or big, they use the Countdown Timer method to boost their conversion.

Not only business owners, but many bloggers also use the Countdown Timer method to capture emails for email marketing.

Why Countdown Timer popups are so effective?

Countdown Timers are so effective because it builds urgency to take an action.

Maybe that’s why big companies like Amazon use it to generate more sales. You can see some products labeled as ‘Deals of the day’, so people can easily buy them. Not only that, Amazon create campaigns like ‘Black Friday Sale’, ‘Great Indian Festivals Sale’, and many more for increasing their revenue quickly.

So take a look at how you can create a Countdown Timer popup for your online store.

How to create a Countdown Timer popup

I’m going to use a lead generation tool called OptinMonster for creating our Countdown Timer popup. Here are some of the features you get with OptinMonster:

And the cool thing is OptinMonster is a drag and drop optin form builder, so you can do all of these without any coding knowledge.

OptinMonster’s countdown timer feature comes with its Pro (starts from $29/month) or higher plan. The more you pay, the more advanced features you get.

OptinMonster also offers OptinMonster University ($1,997 value) and One Free Campaign Setup ($297 value) with all of their plans.

OptinMonster University lets you access their library of expert courses, guides, video training, and ebooks.

And with free campaign setup, their conversion experts will design one free campaign for you to get maximum results as possible.

So, click the link below to buy OptinMonster and get the maximum discount as possible (Remember that: To create Countdown Timer campaigns you’ll need to buy their Pro or higher plan):

Exit-Intent, Campaign Scheduling
Drag & Drop, Lightbox Popups
Multi-Step, Seamless Integrations
ManyChat, Cookie Retargeting
Timed Display Control, A/B Testing

Step-1. Create a Floating Bar Optin

First, login into your OptinMonster account and click Create New Campaign.

optinmonster create a new campaign

Next, select the ‘Floating Bar’ option in the campaign type.

optinmonster select campaign type floating bar

After that, you’ll see lots of pre-made templates for your floating bar optin form, select one of them by hovering over it and clicking on the Use Template button.

floating bar premade templates

Here I’ll select a template called ‘Countdown’. You can fully customize the template you’ve selected, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Enter the name of your campaign and choose the website where you want to load this champion. And hit the Start Building button to enter the campaign builder.

name and website choose for floating bar template

In the campaign builder, you can add new blocks (button, image, video, etc.), customize every block, change every text, and more. So, customize your popup according to your needs.

Step-2. Customize your Floating Bar settings

By default, your floating bar shows at the bottom of your website. To show it at the top of your pages, click Display Settings and toggle Load Floating Bar at Top of Page to the On position.

If you want to hide OptinMonster branding, simply turn off the Powered By Link.

For changing the timer’s date and end date, click directly on the countdown clock in the live preview to bring up the editing tools to the left. Make sure the Type is set to Static so every visitor will see the same countdown when they arrive at your site.

Now scroll down and change your date, time, timezone, unit display type, unit display position, etc.

Here I’ll collect the emails of the users and give them a coupon code for their next purchase. For that, we’ll need to customize the success view section.

To do that, click on the Success tab and change whatever you want. Make sure to change your Offer text and Discount code.

Here’s what I created for this tutorial:

countdowntimer floating bar optin form example

Step-3. Connect with an email marketing tool

To collect email addresses, you’ll need to connect your optin form to your email service provider.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to connect Constant Contact to collect email addresses.

Constant Contact is the most popular email marketing tool out there. Here are some features of Constant Contact:

  • Contact management
  • Segmentation
  • Reporting
  • User management
  • Create an email
  • Signup forms
  • Integration APIs
  • And many more

Constant Contact doesn’t come with a free plan, so you’ll need to buy their paid plan which starts from $20/month.

But if you are a resident of the US & Canada you can get 60 days free trial without any Credit Card.

And if you do not belong to the US & Canada you can get 30 days free trial after providing your Credit Card.

Click the link below to get your free trial and check the taste of it:

User, Role, and Access Management
Performance and Reliability
Data Import & Export Tools
Automated Email Responses
Building and Personalizing Emails

To connect Constant Contact, Click on the Integrations tab. And click Add New Integration and choose Constant Contact from the dropdown.

integrations tab optinmonster

A new window will open where you’ll need to login to your Constant Contact account.

Constant Contact Account login

Next, click the Allow button to allow access to OptinMonster on your Constant Content account for sending emails on your email marketing list.

allow constant contact access

After allowing OptinMonster, the window will be closed and you’ll be back on your OptinMonster account where you’ll need to enter a unique label for your Constant Contact account and click the Connect with Constant Contact button.

Constant Contact account name lebel in OptinMonster

Then choose an email list where you want to store your users’ email addresses.

OptinMonster Constant Contact list select

Now you have successfully connected Constant Contact with your OptinMonster account.

Step-4. Set Display Rules

It’s time to set display rules for your floating bar optin form. Go to the Display Rules tab and set your floating bar to be displayed on or before a certain date.

OptinMonster display rule date

If you want to show this only on a specific page like the shop page you can also do that by setting the second condition to content URL path exactly matches > shop.

OptinMonster display rule url

From now, anyone visiting your shop page will see this floating bar countdown timer popup.

In the end, don’t forget to save all the changes that you have made by clicking the Save button.

OptinMonster also has a separate Countdown Timer block. So if you want to show Countdown Timer on a simple popup, you can do that.

optinmonster countdown timer popup template

For that, simply select ‘Popup’ on the Campaign Type and choose a template.

In your campaign builder, click Blocks > Elements and drag and drop a Countdown element onto the campaign where you would like the countdown timer to appear.

Once a countdown timer has been added to your campaign, click on that to configure the specific countdown settings.

For more details please read this article about how to create a popup using OptinMonster.

Do you know about Exit-Intent popups? Exit-intent popups show your users an optin form (popup) when they want to leave your website or scroll down.

Read this article about how to create an Exit-Intent popup to learn more about Exit-Intent Technology.

That’s it for this article. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and if you faced any problem, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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