How To Create Online Donation Form For Nonprofits 2021

Do you want to create a Donation Form for your nonprofit WordPress website, but don’t know how you can do that?

Here in this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create an online donation form for your nonprofit website.

Having a simple donation button is not enough these days, you’ll need to create something that people like. Not only that, with a donation form you can do all of these:

  • Collect what you need from donors like their name, email address, phone numbers, address, etc.
  • Freedom to use PayPal and Stripe, so your donors have the options to choose other payment methods.
  • You can ask them to join your newsletter so you can retarget them in the future.
  • Easily customize your form according to your website. Also, it is fully flexible with mobile devices, which is very important nowadays.

So let’s see how you can create a donation form for your WordPress website.

How to create an online Donation Form in WordPress:

WPForms will help us to create our donation form in WordPress. With 3 million+ active installations, WPForms is the best drag and drop form building plugin for WordPress.

Here are some of the features of the WPForms plugin:

WPForms offers a free version, but to create a donation form you’ll need to buy their Pro ($199/year) or higher plan.

They also offer 14 days money-back guarantee so you can check the taste of it.

Click the link below to buy WPForms and get the highest discount as possible:

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Step-1. Install and active WPForms

After purchasing WPForms, go to your WordPress dashboard and install and activate the WPforms plugin.

Now go to WPForms > Settings and paste your license key (your get from WPForms) and click Connect.

Now you have successfully installed and activated the WPForms plugin.

Step-2. Create your Donation Form

To create your donation form, simply click WPForms > Add New, enter the name of your form, and select the ‘Donation Form’ template.

WPForms donation form template selection

If you’ll see a popup that says ‘Don’t Forget: Click the Payments tab to configure your payment provider’, don’t worry about that just click OK. We’ll do that in the next step.

If you want to create your form from scratch, select the ‘Blank Form’ option to do that.

Step-3. Customize the Donation Form

The Donation Form pre-made template comes with four fields: Name, Email, Donation Amount, and Message.

WPForms donation form template

To add a new field, click Add Fields and drag and drop the field you want to add from left to right.

And to customize a field that is already in your form, simply click on it and all the customization options appear in your left panel.

If you want to delete any default field, hover over on it and click on the delete icon.

Don’t forget to frequently save the changes that you have made by clicking on the Save button.

Step-4. Add payment gateways

Adding payment gateways is the most important step to follow for creating a Donation Form.

PayPal and Stripe, these two types of payment gateways are available on WPForms. And in this tutorial, I’ll cover both of these.

First, go to WPForms > Addons and install and activate the PayPal Standard Addon and Stripe Addon.

PayPal, Stripe Addons WPForms

Note: Before going to the next process, make sure you already created an account on PayPal and Stripe, if you don’t, do this first.

Now go to WPForms > Settings > Payments, and click the Connect with Stripe button.

WPForms connect with stripe settings

After clicking on that, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll need to fill all the details and connect Stripe with WPForms.

WPForms Stripe settings

Once you have done so, you can see your connection status.

WPForms stripe settings confirm box

Before configuring your payment settings, you need to add some fields to your form.

You want to use Stripe, so add the Stripe Credit Card field on your form. You can find the Stripe Credit Card field under the Payments Fields tab.

And if you want to use both PayPal and Stripe, then you need to add a Multiple Choice field.

So you’ll need to add the Stripe Credit Card field and Multiple Choice fields.

You might be thinking why I’ll doing that, right?

Ok, I’ll give them a choice between Credit Card or PayPal. If they select Credit Card, the Stripe Credit Card field will appear, and if they select PayPal, they make their payment with PayPal. That’s why I added those fields.

In the Multiple Choice field, name the first field as ‘PayPal and the second field as ‘Credit Card.

WPForms Payments Type

Now click on the Stripe Credit Card field and check the box called Enable conditional logic and select Payment Type  is  Credit Card.

WPForms Stripe credit card field

Once you have finished configuring it, click Save.

Click on the Payments tab on the left and select PayPal Standard, where you can see all the settings for PayPal.

PayPal Settings for donation form WPForms

a. Check the box called Enable PayPal Standard payments.

b. Enter your PayPal email address.

c. Here you can see two types of mode, one is Production and another is Test/Sandbox.

If you want to test your form, then select Test/Sandbox mode, but after your test is complete, don’t forget to select Production mode and click save.

d. Make sure to select Donation in the Payment Type dropdown.

e. If someone cancels the payment, you can send them to another page. And for that, enter the URL here where you want to redirect them.

f and g. You can also customize the shipping address options, and choose whether to ask donors to include a note during the PayPal checkout.

h. Since we are giving users the option to use either PayPal or Stripe to submit their payments, we’ll need to enable conditional logic.

So, enable conditional logic and select Payment Type – is – PayPal.

WPForms Condition logic for Paypal

Now go to your Payments tab and select Stripe. Here you can see all the settings for Stripe.

Stripe Payments Settings for WPforms donation form

a. Check the box called Enable Stripe payments.

b. Enter your payment description.

c. Select Email for Stripe Payments Receipt.

d. Enable conditional logic and select Payment Type – is – Credit Card.

WPForms Condition logic for Stripe

Be sure to click the Save button after you configure all your options.

Step-5. Customize your form’s Notifications settings

Email notifications help the users to know if their donation is successful or not. And for that, it’s very important to customize your notification settings properly.

By default, the confirmation email notification is sent only to the admin. But you can easily change that or create a separate email for donors.

I already created an article about how to send a confirmation email to the users after they successfully submit their form, so I’ll highly recommend you to read that article.

Step-6. Customize your form’s Confirmations settings

A confirmation message is a message which users see when they successfully submitted their form. With WPForms, you can create three types of confirmation messages.

WPForms Confirmation settings

a. With this, you can create a normal message. To create this type of message select Message from the drop-down and put your message.

b. If you select Show Page, you can redirect your users to a specific page.

If you want, you can create a ‘thank you’ page and after your users successfully submitted the form, you can redirect them to your ‘thank you’ page.

c. Or you can redirect your users to a specific URL (like, you can show them a post or redirect them to any other sites). To do that, you’ll need to select the Go to URL (Redirect) option and enter your URL.

At least don’t forget to save all the changes that you have made.

Step-7. Add the Donation Form to your site

It is the last and easiest step for creating a Donation Form on WordPress using WPForms.

You can easily add your form anywhere on your site like on your page, post, sidebar, etc.

WPForms is also comfortable with page builders like Elementor, so you don’t need to worry about that if you are using a page builder on your site.

To add the form on a page, create a new page or edit your old page and search for WPForms in your Gutenberg editor, click on that and select the form you want to add.

That’s it! Congratulations, you have successfully created your Donation Form for your nonprofit website.

Do you know Google reCAPTCHA helps you to stop spammers from filling out your forms?

Read this article about how to add Google reCAPTCHA in your forms to learn more about Google reCAPTCHA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to add the option to donate repeat monthly on this form?

Yes, obviously, you can add the option to donate repeat monthly on your form. Just check the box called Enable recurring subscription payments on the Stripe settings and select your plan name, recurring period.

If you have any questions about this article you can ask in the comment section below. And if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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