How To Export And Share Your Google Analytics Data

Do you want to export and share your Google Analytics data? Yes, right?

Showing your data is a great way to build trust with clients, team members, and business partners.

Maybe your website has lots of traffic, but people don’t believe that without any proof.

And Why do they believe you, Do you have any proof?

But if you show them your Google Analytics data, maybe they can believe you.

But exporting your data is a bit difficult.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can export and share your Google Analytics data.

Why do you need to export and share your Google Analytics data?

Google Analytics’ data can help you to build a brand by showing your data to others.

It’s the easiest way to build trust with others.

Here are some few reasons why you need to export and share your Google Analytics data:

If you have a team: If your business has a team, then sharing your Google Analytics data with them can update them on different stats without giving them your Google Analytics’ email and password.

It can help your team members to find your company’s weakness and solve them.

If you have clients: If you handle your client’s websites and want to show them the performance of their sites, then you can export their website’s analytics data and send them. And doing this, you can build trust with your clients.

For sponsorship value: Nowadays, brands only prefer those websites that get lots of traffic and if your website has lots of traffic, brands can easily partner with you.

Also, if you want to increase your sponsorship value, then showing your Google Analytics data to the brands is the best option.

Increase brand value: Today’s world peoples prefer the brand name than product quality.

So, first, you need to focus on your brand value, then the product quality. And to increase your brand value, you need to show them the stats of your website to the users. So they can know how many people are using your products and their opinion.

So let’s see how you can export and share your Google Analytics data.

How to export and share Google Analytics data?

If your website builds on WordPress, and you want to export and share your Google Analytics data, then MonsterInsights is best for you.

MonsterInsights is the No.1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It can also help you to read Google Analytics’ metrics.

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Also, I’ll show you the process of exporting and sharing the Google Analytics data if your website does not build in WordPress.

If you use WordPress:

With MonsterInsights, you can get your Google Analytics stats automatically in your Inbox.

MonsterInsights email summaries

Here you can add up to 5 email addresses to send weekly email summaries. This is very helpful if you have a team.

You can also change the email header logo and put your logo.

example email summaries

If you want to export your data in PDF, you can do so. You can send the PDF file to anyone in the World. Also, you can print the PDF and show others.

MonsterInsights Export PDF Option

Also, you can permit your team members to see your Google Analytics data.
Using user roles, you can control who can see your metrics.

monsterinsights advanced tab

If you don’t use WordPress:

If you don’t use WordPress and want to export your Google Analytics data, then login to your Google Analytics, and in the report section click Export. Select the file format you want and the file will automatically be downloaded.

Google Analytics Export Data

Now if you want to share your Analytics data directly from your dashboard, then click the Share button next to the Export button.

Google Analytics Data Share

Here you’ll need to enter some detail.

a. Enter the email where you want to share your Google Analytics data.

b. Enter your subject or you can use the default subject.

c. Select the file format.

d. Select how frequently you want to share the data.

e. If you select Daily or more you can see an additional option called Active for Under the ADVANCED OPTIONS tab, here you’ll need to select how much time your email sending active for.

f. If you want to send some message, type the message here.

g. Verify the reCAPTCHA and click Send.

See how your email looks like in Inbox.

Google Analytics Data Share Email View

Now you know how to export and share your Google Analytics data with others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I export Google Analytics data to Excel?

Yes, login into your Google Analytics account, choose any report and click Export and select Excel to export your data in excel.

That’s it in this article if you like this article, don’t forget to comment and share. Thanks for reading.

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