How To Improve Core Web Vitals With Speed Reports In WordPress

Did you know that starting in May 2021 Google is going to include Core Web Vitals in the factors it uses to determine a website’s ranking on its search engine?

Content is king, right? Yes, but nowadays content is not enough, there are lots of other factors that play an important role in Google ranking.

And in Google ranking, site speed is one of those factors. That’s why in this tutorial, I will show you how you can improve your Google core web vitals with speed reports in WordPress.

We are going to use MonsterInsights, which is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

I already wrote a review about MonsterInsights, read that to learn more about it.

MonsterInsights has a free version, so if you want to try it once, you can do that.

Having a great website speed means users are getting a good experience. Not only that, users will spend more time on your site, visit more pages.

And the most important is you can improve your search engine rankings.

So, after measuring your site speed, you can easily know where and how to improve that.

Using the report, you can easily measure how fast your website loads for your visitors. You’ll get an overall score for your site speed on mobile and desktop.

site speed report

You’ll also get to see important stats to improve your user experience like:

  • Server Response Time – is the time it takes for your website server to respond to your request and return data to load the website
  • First Contentful Paint – shows you the time it takes to load visual elements like fonts and images on your website
  • Time to Interactive – it’s the time your page first starts loading to when it’s no longer loading and is ready to respond to user interactions, like filling out a form
  • Total Blocking Time – measures the time it takes until your visitors can interact with your website
site speed recommendations

MonsterInsights also gives you a Year in Review, which shows what worked and what didn’t work on your site. It helps you create benchmarks for next year and fine-tune your strategy to grow your business.

monsterinsights year in review report

For instance, you can find which pages got the most traffic, your popular keywords, etc.

If you have an eCommerce website, then MonsterInsights will show you how much revenue you made, how many products you sold, and which was your most popular product.

All of the insights help you to find a good strategy and grow your business.

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