How To Set Conditional Shipping And Payments To WooCommerce

Conditional shipping and payments allow you to create rules to disable a few options if certain requirements are met. It is possible to create both store-wide rules, as well as rules allied with a specific user.

There are lots of cases when your WooCommerce store needs conditional shipping and payments. If someone buys lots of products and spends hundreds of dollars on your eCommerce store, then they expect a few discounts or free shipping from you. By setting conditional shipping and payments, you will be able to offer customers the exact options that they need.

Conditional shipping and payments are also a great option for wholesale users. Wholesale users can use these features on their wholesale store and give discounts according to wholesale roles. Wholesale customers are buying more products than a normal user, so it is a great decision to offer them.

Many stores offer different payment and shipping options depending on what you are buying. If someone buys lots of products, they offer free shipping.

If you are a wholesaler, then you must understand what shipping and payment options they need. Normal payment gateways such as PayPal are usually not the best if you’re dealing with products worth thousands of dollars on a regular basis, so you will need to offer custom payment methods.

In this article, I will show you how you can set conditional shipping and payments to WooCommerce.

How to set WooCommerce conditional shipping and payments

By default, with WooCommerce you can configure multiple shipping and payments options. As far as shipping goes, you can even configure some shipping methods so they only work for specific regions.

add shipping zones

But, you can not map payment or shipping methods to a specific user role using WooCommerce. So, it means all of your customers will get access to the same payment method, regardless of what type of purchase they’re making.

And if you are a wholesaler, then offering different shipping and payments options for each of them is good for your business.

So, we need a tool that helps us to do all of that. That’s why WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium comes. WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium is the part of the Wholesale Suite that contains other two plugins.

So, before we start, make sure you purchase the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin and install and activate it on your WordPress website.

Once you have done it, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Prices > Shipping.

woocommerce conditional shipping payments

In this section, you will be able to configure all of the shipping related settings.

You can offer free shipping only for your wholesale users. Giving free shipping for all of your users is not a good idea though you can also do that. What you can do is map specific shipping methods and zones to each custom wholesale user role.

map role shipping

You can set many mapping as you wish for each wholesale user role. You will offer different shipping methods for each tier of wholesale role, so they have options when they make purchases.

You can also hide the mapped shipping methods for your normal users (non-wholesale users) by enabling the option called Wholesale Only Shipping Methods

wholesale only shipping methods

To offer different shipping methods, you need to use extensions that help you gain access to new options. There are lots of WooCommerce shipping extensions that add support for most of the popular shipping services across the world.

Now it’s time to configure wholesale payments methods. So, let’s start.

The plugin Wholesale Prices Premium offers different options for wholesale payments. To configure that, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Wholesale Prices > Payment Gateway. Like the shipping method, here you will also map user roles to specific payment gateways.

map direct transfer

You have the option to give each wholesale user multiple payment methods. So, they have the option to choose the best payment method which suits them.

With the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin you can add payment surcharges for specific gateways. It is useful if you have gateways that take too big of a cut for transactions, which can easily add up when you’re selling big orders.

surcharge wholesale payment

The plugin also lets you add surcharges for any reason that you want. Though, it’s always a smart move to disclose extra fees to customers so they know what they’re paying for.

Now you know how you can set conditional shipping and payments to WooCommerce.

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That’s the end. Do you have any questions regarding how to set conditional shipping and payments to WooCommerce? Then let’s talk about it in the comment section below. And also share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for reading.

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