How To Start A Wholesale Business In 2021

So you want to start a wholesale business, right? Now we are in 2021 and all the businesses are shifting from offline to online. And the most common way to shift your offline business to online is using a CMS like WordPress and an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce, these two things can easily shift your business from offline to online.

But when it comes to wholesale business, most of the business owners don’t know how they can shift their wholesale business online. If you want you can run both retail and wholesale on one single website.

After reading this article, you can know how you can start a wholesale business in 2021 and I also show you how to convert your site to a wholesale site.

How to start a wholesale business

So, here are my 4 steps for starting a wholesale business in 2021:

Step – 1. Recognize the market for your business

It is an important step to follow. Recognizing the market helps you to find dealers, store owners, and other buyers who will be able to procure the products from you.

You also need to check your competitor, which is a good habit. Make sure you know what products they sell, their prices, and the quality of service that they provide.

Step – 2. Identify your suppliers

You will have to get in touch with manufacturers who will be willing to appoint you as a wholesaler for their products. Many companies will have sales targets for you to meet – so think carefully before deciding on anyone.

You have to ask them what the profit margins are, so you will have to factor in these calculations before you can proceed in dealing with them.

On the other hand, if you have your own products like you are the manufacturer of the products and also the wholesaler, then you don’t need to worry about work as a wholesaler under a company.

Step – 3. Choose a good location

Choosing a good location can save you lots of money and also deliver your products in a short time.

In big cities, renting a storeroom or a house can cost you much more, so also keep in this mind. If you have a good marketing strategy and you are sure that you can generate a big margin, then I will suggest renting a storeroom.

If not, please start with your own house or godown, it is the best choice if you just started your business.

Step – 4. Set up your wholesale website

It is the most important step for starting a wholesale website. Without a wholesale website, your customers are not able to buy products from you.

Nowadays, setting up a website is easy with CMS like WordPress and with plugins like WooCommerce, you can create your eCommerce website. But for selling your products on wholesale, you need one more extra plugin called WooCommerce Wholesale Suite, which helps to create a wholesale website.

And the cool thing is if you want you can also sell your products in retails with the same website.

Later in this article, I will also show you how you can create a wholesale website using WordPress, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Wholesale Suites, so keep patient.

Those are my 4 steps for starting a wholesale business in 2021. Always do proper research, keep track of your business in the coming years, and also keep an eye out for good deals from your suppliers to stay ahead in the game.

Now let’s talk about how you can create a wholesale website in 2021 in WordPress.

How to create a wholesale website in 2021

As I say, I will be using WordPress, which is the best content management system on the market.

And for converting our website into an eCommerce website, I will be using WooCommerce.

By default, WooCommerce does not allow you to set up different pricing options based on quantity or customer type.

So, that’s why I will be using the most popular wholesale plugin for WooCommerce called WooCommerce Wholesale Suite, it allows you to add all the wholesale features in your WooCommerce store.

Wholesale Suite has two versions: free and paid. But my recommendation is always to buy their paid version, which lets you give more advanced features and good support.

So, click the link below to buy WooCommerce Wholesale Suite and get the maximum discount possible:

Automatic updates
Expert email support
Multi-site support
Customer Friendly
14 Day Refund Guarantee

Step- 1. Install and activate the plugin

The first step is to install and activate your WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin.

To install the plugin, simply go to Plugins > Add New and search for ‘WooCommerce Wholesale Suite’ and then install and activate the plugin.

If you purchased their paid plan, one more additional step you need to follow, which is to activate your premium version.

To activate your premium license, click on Settings > WWS License and paste your copied (which you get on their site after purchasing the plugin) license key.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite licennse active

Now you have successfully installed and activated the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin.

Step- 2. Set custom wholesale prices

To set custom wholesale prices on your products, simply edit your product, or create a new product.

You are already installed and activated the WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin, so that’s why you see one additional option appear now.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite wholesale price setup

Here you can set the price of your wholesale product and set the minimum number of items to be purchased to avail that product at that price.

You can also show different prices based on higher quantities. To use this feature in your wholesale store, simply check the box called ‘Enable further wholesale pricing discounts based on quantity purchased’.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite quentity based pricing setup

Now it will allow you to set different prices based on quantities. Here you need to enter the details about Wholesale Role, Starting Quantity, Ending Quantity, Price Type, Wholesale Price. So, set this up according to your needs.

Once you have done doing that, click on the Add Quantity Discount Role button.

Repeat the same process, if you want to add more rules.

Wholesale Suite also allows you to set your product’s wholesale price in a global setting. So you don’t need to individually set the price.

To set up your wholesale price globally, go to WooCommerce, and click on the Wholesale Prices tab and then click on Discount.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite wholesale price setup in globally

Here you need to select a wholesale role and the percent of amount you will give to your wholesale customers.

After you are done doing that click on the Add Mapping button.

You can also set different prices based on different quantities globally. And for doing that, go to the ‘Discount’ page under plugin settings.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite quentity based discount set up in globally

Next, click on the Add Mapping button to save your discount rule.

Step- 3. Create wholesale customer roles

All the customers are not the same, all business owners have some special customers. And for their special customers, they give more discounts.

You can specify those customers who buy products in higher quantities or more frequently than others. 

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite plugin allows you to do that by creating wholesale customer roles.

By default, the plugin comes with the Wholesale Customer user role which you can use for all your wholesale customers. But if you want you can create new roles.

To create a new role, click on WooCommerce and then the Wholesale Roles tab.

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite new wholesale role create

Here you need to enter your Role Name, Role Key, Description, and hit the Add New Wholesale Role button.

That’s it in this article, I hope you like it. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. And if you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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