How To: Track Enhanced eCommerce In Restricted Content Pro And GiveWP

If you have an eCommerce site that is powered by GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro plugin and you want to track your eCommerce store, then you come to the right place.

Here, in this article, I will show you how you can track your eCommerce store in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP.

Before we start talking about how you can do that, let’s see some details about Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP.

Restricted Content Pro is a popular membership plugin for WordPress, which lets you offer exclusive content to members, create membership levels, and easily manage users from your dashboard.

GiveWP is the best WordPress donation plugin that lets you collect donations, manage donors, and build donation forms.

Now you might be thinking about how to track eCommerce is WordPress, right?

That’s why MonsterInsights comes. MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

I already wrote a review of MonsterInsights, read that to learn more about it.

Tracking eCommerce with MonsterInsights possible because recently, MonsterInsights have made a major improvement in their eCommerce addon and reporting accuracy.

MonsterInsights eCommerce addon helps you add Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to your WordPress WooCommerce site, MemberPress, LifterLMS, and Easy Digital Downloads store.

enable enhanced ecommerce in Monsterinsights

With the new eCommerce report right in your WordPress Admin, you can review every important eCommerce data like order value, revenue, conversion rate, transactions, and more.

You can check where your traffic is generating from. So you can see your top referral sources, to give it more attention and stop wasting time on the sources that don’t bring much traffic. 

MonsterInsights helps to uncover insights about your customer’s shopping behavior, so you can optimize your store and drive more revenue.

To use MonsterInsights eCommerce addon, you need to buy their paid version which starts from $99.50/year. They also have higher plans, where you will get more advanced features.

So, click the link below to buy MonsterInsights and get the maximum discount possible:

Analytics Dashboard, Page Insights
eCommerce Track, Forms Track
MemberPress, WooCommerce
Affiliate Link, Outbound Link Track
File Download Track, Author Track

Once you have purchased MonsterInsights, you need to install and connect it with your Google Analytics.

Read this article about how to install Google Analytics on your site to learn more about it.

After installing MonsterInsights, navigate to Insights > Addons and install the eCommerce addon.

Now open the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Insights > Settings and select eCommerce from the top menu and enable the Use Enhanced eCommerce option.

Once you enable the eCommerce tracking, MonsterInsights will automatically track your eCommerce website.

You can check the report by going to Insights > Report eCommerce.

Read this article on what is the best web hosting for WordPress in 2021 to learn more about it.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If it has added some value, then do not forget to share it on your social network. And if you want you can drop your question in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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