WPForms Form Pages Addon: How To Create Distraction-Free Form Landing Page

Do you want to create a distraction-free form landing page in WordPress?

Forms with a landing page don’t distract users which helps to increase the form submission rate and that’s why WordPress users use Google Forms to create standalone forms.

But now you can do that in your WordPress dashboard with advanced features that Google Forms doesn’t offer.

Yes, with WPForms Form Pages Addon, you can easily convert your any form into a standalone form.

Also, forms that are created with WPForms are very comfortable with mobile devices, which is very important these days.

Let’s see how you can create a standalone form in WordPress using WPForms Form Pages addon.

How to use WPForms Form Pages addon

WPForms has two versions: free and paid. But with the free version, you can’t use their Form Pages addon. So you’ll need to buy their paid plan, which starts at $39/year.

But WPForms Form Pages addon comes with their Pro ($199/year) or higher plan.

Click the below to buy WPForms and get the maximum discount as possible.

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After purchasing WPForms, the first thing we’ll be going to do is to install and activate the plugin.

If you are already using their free version and now you want to activate their paid license, go to WPForms > Settings, paste your license, and click Connect.

After that, you’ll need to install WPForms Form Pages addon. To do that, click WPForms > Addons and install and activate the Form Pages addon.

Now it’s time to create your form, to do that, simply click WPForms > Add New and choose a pre-made template or select the ‘Blank Form’ template to start from scratch.

To enable Form Pages features in your form, go to Settings in your form builder and check the box labeled Enable Form Page Mode.

WPForms Enable Form Pages Mode

Once this box is checked, many additional options will appear. I’ll cover all the options in detail, so keep patience.

WPForms Form Page Title, Message and permalink settings for form page

Form Page Title: It is the title of your form. Keep it attractive because it will appear in large text at the top of your form page.

Message: Message will appear underneath your form page title.

Permalink: It is the URL where your form page can be viewed. You’ll share this link with your users, so it’s generally a good idea to keep it short and simple.

WPForms Form Header logo, wpforms branding and scheme settings for form page

Header Logo: You can add your logo, this will display at the top of your form.

The recommended size for the header logo:

  • Maximum Logo Height: 125 pixels
  • Maximum Logo Width – Modern Style: 660 pixels
  • Maximum Logo Width – Classic Style: 570 pixels

Hide WPForms Branding: By default, WPForms add their branding on the footer section. But you can easily hide this by checking the box labeled Hide WPForms Branding.

Color Scheme: It is the color of your form’s background page and the submit button. You can select a popular color or choose the eye-dropper icon to set a custom color.

WPForms Style setting

Style: WPForms lets you choose between Modern Design and Classic Design.

The Modern Design style will display a wider form with rounded corners and the lower part of the page background will use a darker color within your color scheme.

The Classic Design style will display a narrower form with square corners and the lower part of the page background will use a lighter color within your color scheme.

Choose which style is perfect for you and in the end don’t forget to save all the changes that you’ve made by clicking the Save button.

Now you might be thinking, WPForms is the perfect Google Forms alternative for WordPress, right?

Yes, you are right. WPForms is the best alternative for Google Forms, even you can say it is more powerful than Google Forms.

Here are some of the advanced features you get with the WPForms plugin:

Also, WPForms offer 14 days money-back guarantee, so you can check the taste of it.

That’s it in this article. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and if you faced any problem with creating your standalone form on WordPress, then comment in the comment section below.

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